Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test

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Every year, OurAwesomePlanet.com holds its Ultimate Taste Test. For 2015, The Beef Barn is proud to announce that we are a winner of the Ultimate Taste Test series! Taking pride on our juicy and flavorful roast U.S. Angus beef and smoked bacon, The Beef Barn received a rating of 4.13, with 302 foodies giving us a rating of 5 which means “Awesome! I would recommend it!” and 176 foodies giving us a rating of 4 or “I love it!”.

This is not the first time that our roast beef with its uber saucy gravy won the Ultimate Taste Test. In 2013, The Sultry Chef also won 2nd place in the same competition, with the same delectable entry.

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